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We are a family owned and operated rental business, providing highway and storage trailers, ocean shipping containers and office trailers to a wide range of businesses throughout Southern Ontario.

Our service area includes the Greater Toronto area East to Cornwall, along Lake Ontario and the Greater Ottawa region. We have yards strategically located to serve all areas, to ensure competitive pricing.



imageOver the years our rental equipment list has grown to include:

We rent late model to brand new 53' highway vans of all types. Our specialty in the industry are our 48' city vans. These are very economical units that can serve as storage or can be used on the highway. Our customers include trucking, manufacturers and distribution companies. We also rent and sell 48' storage vans, flatdecks and dropdecks.


imageOnly one's imagination can limit the uses for these great storage units. Sizes range from the most common 20' units to units 9 1/2' tall x 48' long. Retailers favour 20' containers because of their easy entry (ground level), uniform good appearance (all black with red corners) and great flexibility to get them through busy times of the year. Our own trucks deliver the containers and we often use lift trucks to move the containers, equipped with special wheels into secure areas to enhance convenience and security. Naturally these units are a favourite in the construction industry. We supply large home builders, small contractors and even do-it-yourselfers with long or short term storage on site. These units are very secure and water tight.

As a compliment to our containers, we offer Office Trailers of all sizes, delivered throughout Ontario.


imageOur own fleet of trucks deliver your trailers or containers. We have mobile service trucks to repair or service units on site and we are a licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. Our three yards are all located on or within minutes of the 401. Customer satisfaction has fuelled our growth and keeps our customers satisfied.

There are pictures of our trailers and containers provided under the "products" page and if you require more information or a sales visit, please see our "contact us" page.